Reviews & Recommendations

09/14/2018 - Carolyn P. - Alexandria VA.

We worked with Matt when we relocated to the area and when we needed to sell. In both instances, he was professional, responsive and provided the expertise we needed to get each deal done well. 

When we purchased, we were new to the area. He knew the market and showed us our options, even homes   that weren't on our list to give us the full spectrum of the area. We ended up going with one of the houses we did not at first think we would like on paper, invested in upgrades and did well on the selling side. With his expertise, we were able to make a very sound investment. I'd recommend him to everyone in the area. He's a fantastic, knowledgeable broker.

11/30/2017 - Emily JG - Alexandria VA

We started our search on a whim. Late one night I clicked a button on zillow asking to tour a house. Within a few minutes, I had an email in my inbox from Matt, setting up a time to see the house and asking some questions to get to know what we were looking for. Being young parents, we weren't   thinking about our future space needs, only the immediate. Matt helped us realize that we needed more space or we would start to feel cramped very quickly (indeed, one of the houses we looked at, the family was in the scenario we would have been in-- a toddler, a dog, and parents all needing more space!). As a parent himself, he often gave considerations about safety that we might not have thought of otherwise. 

We appreciated his calm demeanor and quiet humor. He certainly made the process smoother and we cannot recommend him more highly!Less 

03/05/2017 - David - Vienna VA

We would highly recommend Matt! He had a great knowledge of the area. He was very personable, responsive and easy to work with. He saw us through the entire process, made us feel at ease, and answered all our questions. He was a pleasure to work with.

8/21/2018 - Buyer - Georgetown, Washington DC

A great buyers agent. He listened and then came up with a suggestion I hadn't even considered that led me to a great property.  DC is a really tough buyers market, but he knows it, and doesn't just tell you what he thinks you want to hear.

11/05/2017 - Buyer & Seller - Alexandria VA

We were finicky buyers and Matt was patient and helpful the whole way through. Told us what to expect and when to expect. Never pushed but stayed responsive to our requests. A true professional who is your voice for property.